Start Date:
1st September 2018, 8:00am
End Date:
26th September 2018, 11:45pm

This link is for making payment towards your entry for the Dubai Junior International Series 2018. Make sure the correct name of the player including the UAE Badminton Player ID in the format xx-yyyy is listed next to the player name before you proceed.
Singles: 30$, Doubles & Mixed: 25$ per player/ 50$ per pair
If you are paying for your Doubles partner as well, please select the Doubles event and enter the partner name

Early Bird Price Regular Price Late Entry Price
Name N/A
26th Sep, 2018
Singles (MS U15, WS U15, MS U19 or WS U19) Only N/A 30.00 N/A
Doubles - Payment for One Player (MD U15, WD U15, MD U19, WD U19 or XD U19) Only N/A 25.00 N/A
Singles and Doubles (Do not forget to mention Doubles event and partner name) N/A 55.00 N/A